Humnet Rogues' Gallery

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Jayne Amico
with rehabbed Chimney Swift

Debbie, Benjamin, and Steve Backes


Helen and John Baines
(in New Zealand)
Fred Bassett
Ned and Gigi Batchelder

John and Paulette Biles


Laurie Binford

Steve Bouricius

Susie, Emily, & Bill Braman

No purple
dinosaurs for
son Alex

Susan Campbell

Lanny Chambers

(beta version)

Allen Chartier
Walter and Olga Clifton
Miriam Davey

Dennis Demcheck

with refractometer

Donna Dittmann and Steve Cardiff
Sarah Driver
Vic Duvic
Les Eastman, in full Humnet regalia
Marty Floyd
KC Foggin
Carol Foil
List Empress
Bill Fontenot
Bill Hilton, Jr.

Cathie Hutcheson
with large hummingbird

Jim Ingold
Tom Kaminski
Mark Klym
Arlene Koch
Kathryn Lance

Harriet and Marion Lewis

Carol Lovell-Saas & friends
Sammy and Beth Maniscalco
Pat Lanier
(searching for the "source" of western hummers in the Rockies)
The Markoffs: Jonathan, Rachel, Paul, Lori, Gabriel
Sean P. McCool
Mike Patterson
Dave Patton

Laura, Cameron, Taylar, and Stacy Peterson

Jared Peyton
Noel Peyton
harassing a doctorbird
Gary Phillips (woo hoo!)
Rob Protz

Van Remsen
(on left)

Bob Rickett and friends
Lisa Robichaux
Kathi and Michael Rock
Ron Rovansek's Taxi Service, with passengers Jack, Abe, and David
Bob Sargent
Rosemary Scott and Nancy Newfield
Cecil Tarver
and daughter Ashley
Karen Taylor
Haji Warf and Rufous
Tom Wood

Sheri Williamson

George West,
with Magnificent

Scott Weidensaul

Ellie Womack

Craig Zalk

Barbara Wilson

Humnet party, October 1999
Tom Sylvest
Left: Beth Maniscalco

Right: Vicki Vance
Left: Beth Maniscalco

Center: Sammy Maniscalco

Right: Gwen Smalley
Left: John Sevenair

Right: Marty Guidry
Gals, left-right:

Charlotte Seidenberg

Sheri Williamson

Jane Brown

Guy: Skip Newfield
John Sylvest and son David