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HummZinger Feeder

A review by Reed & Judy Whitten


HummZinger FeederWe have used a "HummZinger" feeder manufactured by Aspects, Inc., for one year. We have not used other types of feeders, so can't provide a comparison. This feeder does appear to be well designed and made of good quality materials (polycarbonate plastic - unbreakable, the type used for safety glasses).

The feeder consists of a shallow transparent pan with a continuous perch rail around the edge. A bright red top [ca. 6" (15 cm) diameter] with four feeding ports fits over this pan and twist-locks in place. No cute yellow flowers, just four tapered holes in the top. The feeder can be suspended or placed on a tapered adapter that fits over a 1/2" (13 mm) pole or dowel. Adapter, stem, ant cup, and "S" hook are included.

The feeder holds 12 oz. of solution and is very easy to clean. Just lift it off the adapter (or "S" hook), twist off the red top, and wipe or wash it out. There are no recessed areas to harbor bacteria. This is probably the primary advantage this feeder offers.

Hummingbirds do use the feeder and usually feed at two or three of the ports on each visit. They often use the perch.

We paid ca. $17, which is higher than other feeders available locally. The quality of materials, functional design, and ease of cleaning seem to justify the price. The product has a three year guarantee against defect or damage.

The address is:

Aspects, Inc.
245 Child Street
Warren, RI 02885

Lanny sez: I paid $14 for the smaller 8 oz. Mini HummZinger (pictured above), sold as Wild Birds Unlimited's house brand, but still a HummZinger made by Aspects. This model has 3 ports and no post adapter, although a post socket is molded into the clever ant moat. Its top simply lifts off without twisting, and a very sturdy and rustproof brass rod is furnished for hanging. WBU provides an attractive lifetime warranty.

Otherwise, it's as above: easy to clean, dishwasher safe if you feel the urge, quite rugged in materials and design, and it even has the correct syrup formula molded into the underside of the cover for quick reference.

My HummZinger replaced a Perky-Pet 210-P, which was simply taking too much of my time to clean properly; the HummZinger's Lexan base can be wiped out with a sponge in seconds. It only took a couple of days for the hummers in my yard to accept the new feeder.

Another nice thing about this one - and basin-type feeders in general - is the lower syrup level, which prevents wasps and bees from feeding. An unexpected bonus: the clear base gives me a magnified view of hummer tongues darting in and out as they feed!

Highly recommended.

A list of dealers is available at the Wild Birds Unlimited website. If you visit one of these stores, please thank them for not selling hummingbird food mixes containing red dye. I salute WBU and its dealers for having the courage to stop carrying such a profitable item.


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