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When the Internet was young, before social media, this was a place where hummer artists and photographers could share their work with the online community. The page is no longer maintained.

The Photo Album, for photographers without home pages

Moment of Release, from a banding demonstration.

The Hummingbird Society's Photo Gallery is the largest collection on the web.

Margy Terpstra has a photo gallery that documents one of my banding sessions.

Artist Sue Bonnar offers prints of her hummingbird drawings.

Andy Todzia has an album of Ruby-throated Hummingbird photos.

Dave Rod's Photobucket album features Anna's Hummingbird.

Roberta Fox has a page of hummingbirds and orchids.

Wayne Schmidt's hummingbird page chronicles his experiments with digital cameras.

See Alan Trammel's gallery on SmugMug.

David Hemmings has hummingbird galleries on his website and on Flickr.

Greg Basco is a professional photographer whose blog is full of striking hummingbird shots.

See Ruby-throated from Edmonton in Dale Doram's gallery.

Mike Lentz has a hummingbird gallery at pbase.

Phil Seu is a California photographer with a growing hummingbird gallery.

See Ray Cooper's hummingbird gallery from Trinidad and Tobago.

Glenn Bartley's gallery includes many, many hummingbirds from Ecuador.

Hide Takahashi has a SmugMug album of hummingbird photos.

Bud Hensley's hummingbird galleries feature hummingbirds on the flowers they favor. features a high-resolution hummingbird album, including many exotic species.

D.W. Maiden has a gallery of Ruby-throated Hummingbird photos.

This PDF from the Field Museum features hummingbirds of Peru

Larry Selman's 2008 Archive features a two-week series of photos of an Anna's nest.

Russ Thompson has excellent Ruby-throated photos here and here, plus a fun collection of video clips.

Luiz Carlos has several pages of hummingbirds from southwest Brazil.

Nectar Art Prints - Unique hummingbird art prints.

Greg Scott's site features superb hummingbird photos.

Hummingbirds from Argentina by Mati Ferroni

Peter Hoell has his own page of South American hummingbird photos

29 species of Costa Rican hummingbirds posed for Glenn Bartley

Hummingbird photos by Beth Kingsley Hawkins

Maureen Lynn's album contains over 1000 hummingbird photos

Photos of Anna's and Rufous from George Kenney

Barbara Becker has a page of Anna's nest and chick photos

Small Potato Records made an animation of a chick being fed

Terry Danks has several pages of large Ruby-throated photos

Melanie Votaw's site includes photos of hummingbirds from Trinidad and Panama here and here

David J. L'Hoste's Costa Rica pages feature stunning hummingbird photos

Where do you want to go birding today? has photos of many South American species

Listen to recordings of the calls of 12 North American hummingbird species

Don Jedlovec has a page of hummingbird photos

See Eiji Takano's delightful hummingbird QuickTime movie

Hummer photos from Wyoming by Tom Butler

Photos of nesting Costa's at the San Diego Zoo by Wayne Owen

Photos of Anna's, Costa's, and Black-chinned at Mark's Hummingbirds

Photos of Louisiana hummingbirds by Joe Turner

Tucson artist Leonore Greenberg's paintings include hummingbirds

Anna's Hummingbird photos by Dave Herzstein

See four pages of hummer nest photos by Suzette Donch

Don't miss these hummingbird photos by William Zittrich

Send a hummingbird postcard

Rick Barletta has Ruby-throated photos

Here's a great collection of links to hummingbird art

Greg Lasley has a page of photos of tropical hummingbirds

Jenny Rasmussen's cross stitch page includes hummingbird designs

Keith Barrow's Birds of Trinidad and Tobago page features some very nice photos

Digital hummingbird art by Marilyn Brown

Hummingbird photos by Zack Sessions

Photos of exotic hummingbirds by Allen Chartier

Ruby-throated Hummingbird photo by Bill Smylie

Rufous Hummingbird photos by David Roles

Central American hummingbird photos by CJ Elfont

See records and photos of an amazing Costa's Hummingbird by Rick Hallowell

Broad-tailed Hummingbird photos by Bill and Carl Roberts

Here is an AIFF sound clip (56k) of a male Black-chinned Hummingbird hovering at a feeder, recorded by Doug Von Gausig. More of Doug's recordings are here

Hummingbird photos by Hank Hogan

A page of hummingbird photos by Steve Yanke

Hugh Smith Photography offers hummingbird and other nature photos

Ruby-throated Hummingbird photos by John Owens

Photos of two Caribbean hummers on Larry Manfredi's page

Paris Merriam's photos of Allen's and Anna's


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